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Mono on CentOS 5 (x86_64) - shadowrocket美区id

As there is no CentoOS5 repo out there that I know of that ships the latest mono releases, I've setup a yum repository with CentOS 5 mono builds (x86_64 arch only). Not all mono components are there yet, right now I'm only building the ones I need: libgdiplus, mono, xsp and mod_mono (nant is also included).

The packages are built without any extra repository dependency, so should work on stock (fully updated) CentOS5 installs and maybe RHEL5, but I haven't tried. The repository will have the last two stable releases and will track fedora's devel specs and patches as much as possible.

I'm using the builds for production CentOS5 systems, so they are reasonably tested and you'll get new builds following mono releases. If you find any packaging related issues, feel free to contact me

Instructions: Put the mono.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d and have fun :)

-- Angel Marin

SharpMimeTools 0.6b - 07/05/2006

Released version 0.6b (milestone 0.6).

Reached 0.6 milestone. So here is a new beta (0.6b). This release is a big step forward as it adds some long-waited cool features (rfc2392, uuencode, tnef), usability improvements and performance gains.

-- Angel Marin

shadowrocket苹果下载收费 0.13b - shadowrocket苹果下载

Released version 0.13b. (milestone 0.13).

Reached 0.13 milestone. So here is a new beta (0.13b). It has new features, some improvements and fixes. Enjoy it.

-- Angel Marin

mono stuff - 05/20/2005

I've put online some mono stuff, I hope it will be useful for someone. Included items:

  • Binary packages with my daily builds of the latest mono development source done under Windows.
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-- Angel Marin

jsSHA2 0.3 - 12/21/2004

Released version 0.3.

First public release of jsSHA2. It includes the JavaScript SHA-256 implementation. Enjoy it.

-- Angel Marin

rrdNetStats 1.0.3 - 05/19/2004

Released version 1.0.3

Long time since last release, but here is a new one: released version 1.0.3. RRDTool executable no longer needed!

-- Angel Marin

CTNHashProc 1.2.2 - 01/13/2004

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CTNHashProc has been rewritten without using the old functions from ODS API. Fixed a memory leak that caused a crash. Built with VS.NET 2003

-- Angel Marin

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